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March 13, 2021

I’m not going to spring clean this year. Oh, I love the idea of spring cleaning. I even love doing it. Just not as much as I enjoy getting outside in the dirt now that I’ve spotted blooming snowdrops and crocus!

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Of course, as someone who likes to take good care of things, there are spring household tasks (cleaning and other) that I’ll make sure get done. Eventually. But honestly, this happens every year. So to cover those tasks, here are some of the alternatives I use to spring cleaning:

Spread it out. Do deep cleaning throughout the year. No, not constantly. (Yikes.) Simply tackle one room at a time. I’ve done this one room per month. And I’ve done it one room per week, when I wanted to get through more quickly. (How on earth did homemakers once spring clean an entire — soot-dirty — house in a day or two?)

Spreading the “spring clean” out gives me an opportunity to really spend time in each room, giving each room some love via repairs, cleaning, and problem solving. (For example, when tackling the office recently, I finally got around to installing a shade on the window behind my computer screen, after squinting at work for months!) I might rearrange furniture, paint the entire room, or just move a pillow from one room to another. 

If there’s a big task involved, I try to fit it in, but if not, I put it on the list of projects. (You do have an ongoing list of projects jotted down someplace, right? Mine is in a household notebook, but a file on your computer or an index card in your wallet, or wherever you can get it in black and white — or pink, if you’re into pretty ink — will work.)

Fall clean. If I’m going to deep clean once a year, fall works better for me than spring. After buttoning things up outdoors, just as the weather is getting cold, I like to clean and prep the indoors for a cozy winter. (Time to add warm throws and baskets of fuzzy socks!) I might take a week in October to do this. I love that this schedule leaves our home sparkling for the winter holidays, too! 

Green and white box with text that reads "Did you know? When Frontier settlers cleaned their log cabins in the spring, they would remove the "chink" (spaces between logs that are filled with mud) to allow air to circulate during the nice weather. Before winter, they'd re-chink the cabins. (Glad this isn't on my spring cleaning list!) Learn how to care for your  home at:"

Winter clean. Of course, any season will work! Sometimes I schedule deep cleaning when the winter holidays are over and activities are at a lull. After putting away decorations, I dig into the task, scheduling rooms so that I make it through the house before spring arrives and I want to head back outdoors again. It’s wonderful to greet spring with an already-clean house!

BTW, deep cleaning one room at a time is only one way to approach “spring cleaning.” You might choose to tackle by tasks instead. So, for example, you might do all the light fixtures in the house at once, all the windows and curtains at once, etc. If you take this approach, you might want to make yourself a master list to check off as you go. 

Are you spring cleaning this year? Do you ever? What are your alternatives to spring cleaning?(How do you make sure deep cleaning tasks get done?)
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