Beautiful tote bags (and tote bag DIYs!)

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Hope you’re feeling positive and encouraged this spring!  Maybe – like me – you’re even planning some outings. I’m hoping to visit a handful of Midwest gardens this year! (Please send a heads-up if you have a fave!) In the meantime, I’m looking for opportunities to be outside — in the yard, on our nearby trail, or on an errand. (There are some errand destinations within walking distance for me, which is something I love about city living!) 

So I’ve had tote bags on my mind lately. This is related, really! See, no matter where I’m headed — to the library, the market, a picnic, or a drive, for example — I bring along a tote bag (or several!). And I’m glad I have so many uses for them, because I love totes! I make them, buy them, and give them as gifts. I’m investing in a couple of new ones, and I thought you might like to see what I found lately, in case you enjoy them, too! 

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Tote bags to buy

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Of course, you can also buy plain canvas tote bags to dye, embroider, print, paint, stamp, or otherwise decorate yourself! (My grocery shopping bags are plain canvas totes that I dyed a pretty goldenrod color.)

How to make your own tote bag

While we’re talking about DIY projects, you can easily make your own tote bag from scratch! Here are a few of my favorite tote bag patterns and tutorials:

Tote bags are so wonderfully versatile — especially because they come in so many different varieties! I find I use different styles for different jobs. I’ll grab a basic canvas tote to hold my library books, while my compartment-filled, farmers-market-style tote is ideal for groceries. What do you use your tote bags for? Do you have a favorite tote bag? Tell us about it!

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