Book Review — Home Ec for Everyone

June 12, 2021

Did you take Home Ec in high school? I did, and (no surprise!) absolutely loved it. Well, except for that diagram of the cow with beef cuts drawn on it. In fact, if it weren’t for that diagram I might well have gone on to major in Home Ec in college. As a budding vegetarian, though, I just couldn’t get past the semester-long focus on it! (I unsuccessfully tried to spark my teacher’s interest in tofu!)

I still love learning about Home Economics, though — and sharing what I learn with you! From sewing on a button to deadheading flowers — and everything sewing, cooking, cleaning, sprucing, and growing — if it’s a domestic art, I’m interested. Which is why I’m so excited about Sharon & David Bowers new book, Home Ec for Everyone

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If you enjoy the satisfaction of a little self-sufficiency (I’m not talking off-the-grid sufficiency, more cooking your own meals and mending your own clothes), then I think you’ll want a copy of Home Ec for Everyone.

Book cover of Home Ec for Everyone by Sharon & David Bowers (Illustrations by Sophia Nicolay)

The book is divided into Cooking, Sewing, Laundry & Clothing, Domestic Arts, and Life Skills sections, and it includes everything from the very basics to the more challenging tasks. 

What you’ll find inside

For example, the cooking section covers how to boil water (yup!) as well as how to make maki and a perfect piecrust. (I studied the section on how to frost a birthday cake, which I always find challenging, especially when it comes to white frosting on a chocolate cake! I’ll let you know how that goes.)

The sewing section will teach you how to thread a needle, hem pants, and fix a separated zipper (that will be dog-eared!). How to fix a shrunken sweater and whiten a dingy t-shirt are my favorites in the laundry section.

Domestic arts provides specifics on loading a dishwasher, hanging curtains, and making a bed (which reminds me of the hospital corners that, once upon a time, earned me a Brownie badge), as well as a nice rundown of things to do when you spring clean. Want to know how to answer a wedding invitation, pack a suitcase, or tie a necktie? Head to the Life Skills section.

These are just some of the examples of the 118 skills you’ll find in Home Ec for Everyone. I’m working through the book as a kind of self-taught course right now. It’s even better than those high school Home Ec classes, because I can skip the lesson on How to cook a steak which does, in fact, include a cow diagram!  

How did you feel about Home Ec? What books have you found helpful in learning domestic skills? Please share!

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