hands scrubbing peach fabric in a red basin filled with soapy water

Natural stain removal for clothing

I like things tidy, but I’m ridiculously messy when it comes to painting and other DIY, yard work, crafting, cooking, etc. Stains on my clothing (despite my wearing an apron) …

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a person's hands washing a pink fabric item in a basin of soapy water

How to hand wash clothes

How much of your laundry do you wash by hand? Some people put everything in the washer and dryer. (If an item is worse for the washing machine wear, so …

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three children's dresses — pink, white, and yellow — hang on a clothesline


Hanging laundry on a clothesline isn’t a chore for me — it’s a delight! And climbing into freshly line-dried sheets at night is one of life’s simple luxuries. I’ve almost …

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how to clean jewelry posts

How to clean and protect jewelry

Whether you like accessorizing every outfit with a carefully chosen array of jewelry or you stick to a basic favorite or two most days, it’s a good idea to know …

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