off-white and dark blue tile

How to clean grout

Cleaning grout on a tile floor — or backsplash or wall — isn’t something most of us look forward to. But it’s a task that can transform a space! Why …

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Bell-shaped, lit lampshades in various colors hang gathered together on a black background

How to clean a lampshade

Some things look fine — better even — with a little patina on them. Lampshades aren’t one of them. Dusty or stained lampshades look dingy and sad. Yet they’re not …

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a pair of scissors on top of a red ribbon with eucalyptus in the top right of the frame

How to take good care of scissors

I love good scissors! Big shiny shears, tiny thread cutters, embroidery snips that look like storks. I like having just-the-right kind handy, so I currently have scissors in my purse, …

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