thriving potted alocasia houseplants

Alocasia Plant Care

If you’re looking for drama in your houseplant collection, alocasia — the African mask plant — will bring it. Just look at those bold, distinctive veins and unusually shaped leaves …

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worn terra cotta pots stacked on wooden shelves against a white wall

Terra cotta care

If you’ve been reading CaretoKeep for long, you know that I’m a big fan of terra cotta pots. They’re scattered throughout our home and our yard, too. I love the …

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rows of white, pink, and red polka dot plant foliage

Polka dot plant care

The first time I met a polka dot plant, I wondered if it was real. I thought it looked like something a child might draw if you asked her to …

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red and green blooming Christmas cactus in a terra cotta pot on a wood floor

How to care for a Christmas Cactus

Are you lucky enough to have a new Christmas cactus in your life this year? They’re the neatest plants — with such oddly pretty leaves and beautiful, graceful blossoms in …

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Leafy branch of a ZZ plant on a white background

ZZ Plant Care

I have two happy ZZ plants, and wow, I completely understand why the ZZ plant is so popular! It’s graceful and always healthy looking, with its shiny, waxy leaves and …

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