imperfection bowl


I bought the bowl above at a crafts fair when I was in college. I loved the size—big enough for the dinners I routinely made for friends—, the shape, and, …

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meaningful gifts for Xmas

5 Ways to give meaningful gifts

Isn’t it exciting when you find the perfect gift for someone, something that reflects their interests and needs and is also maybe a bit unexpected or creative? I keep a …

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Keeper — Handheld citrus juicer

I’ve only had this beauty for a month or so, but I already know it’s a keeper. Why? It’s wonderfully functional, it’s pretty, it’s made of glass, it takes no …

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Keeper — Ona’s hand chopper

This rugged little hand chopper is older than my grown children. In fact, it’s been my go-to cooking tool for over 40 years. It’s my pastry dough cutter, bean masher, …

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