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How to brew the perfect cup of tea

May 1, 2021 We’re going to chat about brewing the perfect cup of tea today, but first — because we’re friends — a few tidbits from my week! My chagrin at discarding …

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How to choose the right plant pot

April 24, 2021 We’re going to chat about plant pots in this newsletter — because ’tis the season to fill them, indoors and out! But first a few shares from …

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Choosing natural fibers

March 27, 2021 Hope your weekend is off to a happy start! I’ve started digging out spring and summer clothes today, which certainly cheers me! My favorite items, I’ve noticed, …

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My favorite houseplants

March 20, 2012 Are you one of the C2K members who enjoys houseplants? Houseplant posts are pretty popular, I’m happy to say! I thought it might be fun this week …

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Swap Saturday

March 6, 2021 What’s Swap Saturday? Well, once a month I’m going to fill you in on something I’ve successfully swapped for a less toxic/more environmentally friendly version. I’ll let …

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