Adding cozy touches to your car interior

July 10, 2021

Yes, summer is flying by again! What are you up to? Staying close to home or heading out on adventures? Homebody me is mostly staying put — nurturing plants, tackling household projects, writing, celebrating with friends and family. But I have a few road trips in mind, too. 

Planning those trips got me thinking about our car and how I want to make sure it’s clean before packing her up. And then I thought, why not give Bluebell (she’s a little blue Prius) even a little more TLC? Here are some ideas I came up with for making the car interior a little more inviting, a little cozier place to be on trips (whether cross country or cross town).

First up, of course, is getting the car sparkling clean. Then I’ll accessorize her. I’ll stop short of covering the steering wheel in fuzzy animal print or hanging monster dice from the rearview mirror (but hey, you do you!), but I will add:

a small glass vase with a natural red flower bud accessorizing a car dashboard
  • A pretty throw blanket
  • A small, cozy pillow
  • A small wastepaper bag or basket 
  • Car coasters (A friend gifted me a set of coasters with a quilt pattern, which I love)
  • Air freshener (not a chemical tree-shaped freshener, but a natural option)
  • A pretty travel mug (that actually fits in the cup holder!)
  • Phone holder
  • A plant. I’m going to experiment with hanging a succulent from the rearview mirror!

BTW, I always carry the following in the car, too:

  • An old tablecloth (for putting down under plants, mulch, etc.)
  • A small first aid kit
  • Towels to drape across our laps when we eat in the car
  • Natural wet wipes 
  • Canvas bags for shopping
  • Lawn chairs or picnic blanket (in the spring/summer/fall)

You might also consider replacing your car mats, if they’re worn. We have rubber ones that last forever, so I’ll just make sure they’re clean. Occasionally I’m tempted to replace them with something like this, but the rubber ones are terribly practical! 

Here are some fun things I came across while shopping for my car décor.

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Do you have any suggestions for accessorizing and personalizing a car interior? Please share!

Take good care,

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