Fix-It-Free Day!

May 15, 2021

Whether you’re planting or cleaning, taking hikes or just throwing open the window next to your reading chair, I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful spring! Spotting rain in the forecast, at our house we planted our new perennial flowers, bushes, and grasses, along with some potted annuals. Now Mother Nature can water them for us! (They like her water best anyway!)

One of those upcoming rainy days has been designated Fix-It-Free Day. I love these days, because they take a list of tiresome TO DOs and turn them all into DONEs, without spending a penny. It’s all so rewarding!

person in black paints and converse standing on a brown wood floor beside home repair and painting tools; white bold text in the bottom left corner reads "Fix-It-Free Day!"

What’s a Fix-It-Free Day?

This is a day to tackle the list of things I can fix around the house without spending any money. This has nothing to do with decorating or routine maintenance or cleaning. It’s not about big projects, either (even if I had the paint for the porch floor on hand, I wouldn’t tackle it on a Fix-It-Free Day). I enlist help (I am not a tidy caulker!). Of course, you could do a Fix-It Day without the “free,” gathering up and purchasing any supplies you’ll need ahead of time. But I find the “free” part helps me keep the list under control and adds to the satisfaction!

Seems there’s never a shortage of things to fix, either! Here’s what’s on my current list: 

  • Level the stove
  • Touch-up paint the guestroom (The previous owners were not great painters, but they were great about leaving us gallons of paint, which I appreciate!)
  • Re-caulk the bath tub (We have two tubes of caulk on hand.)
  • Fix an unraveling hem on a curtain
  • Spackle some nail holes (We always have spackling — and nail holes — around.)
  • Figure out (once and for all) what kind of bulbs the overhead lights in the basement need. (This makes it on the list because lightbulbs confound me. You too? I’ll do a post on light bulbs sometime soon.) 

Want to join me in the wonderful feeling of improving your home without spending a dime? Write out your own Fix-It-Free list (it’s okay if it’s long — you can always save some items for your next Fix-It-Free Day). Choose a handful of tasks from the list to tackle, and block a date on the calendar to get them done! You might set aside a weekend morning, or maybe even take a vacation day at work. Done? Head down to the comments and tell us when you plan to celebrate Fix-It-Free Day — along with your planned list of accomplishments!

Take good care,

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