The joy of a beautifully made bed

July 31, 2021

One of the things I love about living mindfully is the enjoyment I get from life’s simple pleasures. There are so many everyday things that I find joy in — like a freshly pressed fabric napkin, a thriving houseplant, and a beautifully made bed. This is one reason I make my bed each and every morning (and why I considered details when deciding how to style my bed). It’s not to meet any expectations of what I “should” do to be a successful homemaker. It’s simply because it allows me to start and end my day with the simple joy of a well made bed.

green-gray, white, and orange bedding in a bedroom filled with natural light and houseplants

Making my bed in the morning is far more rewarding when I’m happy with the overall aesthetic of my bedding. So it’s worth considering how to style a bed to your own tastes. For me, this means a simple bed without many frills or extra pillows (just enough for propping up to read!), but with a few well-chosen accessories. A cozy throw blanket and a couple of lovely accent pillows top off my otherwise plain bedding. This is the perfect mix of clean, comfortable, and homey for me. Of course, your home and bedding style may differ from mine. But there are still a few tips that may help you design a bed you’ll be happy to make in the morning. Here are my suggestions.

How to style a bed

Choose an aesthetic.

I certainly embrace a little wabi-sabi in my home. But too much style mixing and matching can quickly make a bed look messy. Instead, I find it works best to pick a single style for my bedding. Copying an inspiration picture helps, too! Check out the beautiful inspiration I collected in the photos on this post and the list below. Or search keywords (“bedding,” “beds,” “blankets,” etc.) on Pinterest to find a perfect fit for your own bedroom aesthetic! Study the photos that appeal to you. What colors are used? What textures? How many layers are on the bed, and how are they arranged? How many pillows, and what sizes are they?

Be realistic.

There’s plenty of beautiful bedding out there that simply isn’t practical for my needs. Consider what will work for the look you’re going for, as well as how much time and energy you’re willing to put into making your bed. I love a tidy bed, so I avoid duvet covers, overly soft pillows and comforters, or anything else that resists tucking and smoothing. If you know you’re unlikely to spend more than a minute fixing your bed each day, ditch the extra pillows and throw blankets and opt instead for a quilt or comforter that can be easily tossed over your bed.

Consider size and placement.

Consider how your bed will look and how easy it will be to make in different places in your room. Larger beds are more difficult to get looking tidy, and beds placed in a corner can be a pain to make. Try putting a fitted sheet on a corner king, and you’ll see what I mean!

a small lamp on a small table next to a teal, white, and cream bed.

Make your bed every day.

You don’t want to invest in lovely bedding and then leave it in a heap on your mattress! Obviously, your bed looks better when it’s made, and it starts your day off on the right foot. But there are other good reasons to get the bed made first thing. Unmade sheets and blankets will quickly become overly wrinkled. And comforters in duvet covers will likely get twisted, bunched up, and all around messy! Finally, if your bedding falls on the floor or makes it under the bed, it won’t stay clean. (I don’t know what it looks like under your bed, but my bedding might pick up a dust bunny or two under mine.)

With those quick tips in mind, let’s admire some beautifully made beds! Here are some of the loveliest beds — in an array of styles — on the internet:

Inspiration for how to style a bed

Does making your bed bring you joy or feel like a chore? Is your bed a good reflection of your personal and home decor style? Tell us about it! And, as always, please share any tips, tricks, or inspiration pics I may have missed. Sweet dreams!

Take good care,

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2 thoughts on “The joy of a beautifully made bed”

  1. I have a plain white bed, made with white fitted sheet, European duvet and white cotton duvet cover. I have a latex mattress and 2 pillow also latex. I follow the European custom of allowing my bed to air each morning for a few hours before making it. I like pure and simple lines, no messing with blankets or extra items on the bed, just very simple and clean.

    • Your bed sounds lovely, Lynette! Giving beds a chance to air out before making them is a great practice, too. Thanks so much for sharing!


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