Keeper — Handheld citrus juicer

I’ve only had this beauty for a month or so, but I already know it’s a keeper. Why? It’s wonderfully functional, it’s pretty, it’s made of glass, it takes no time to clean, and it doesn’t make any noise. Not true for so many kitchen gadgets. (My garlic press is off to Goodwill, because it doesn’t do a better job than I do with a knife and is a nuisance to clean.)

I bought this sweet little citrus juicer used, online (so maybe it wasn’t someone else’s “keeper,” but it gets credit for being around a while, right?) and was delighted when I opened the box. (You can find them on Etsy!)

Until recently, I’d squeeze lemons by hand. (I much prefer freshly squeezed lemon over bottled lemon juice for most uses.) But then our oldest grandson, 8, wanted to make freshly squeezed lemonade, and I thought this might make the task more fun. It did. Big time.

This little gadget is easy enough for a young child to use successfully (the wee ones joined in, of course), with little instruction. (Press down, and turn. That’s about it.)  It’s perfectly safe.

See how the little teeth gather the seeds for you? (Yes, one or two might escape, but it captures most of them.) I was skeptical that the center would get most of the juice from the lemon, since it’s not sharp. But it does, easily.

I like this citrus juicer so much I’m keeping it on my open kitchen shelving. I suspect it will be there a long time.

Is there an item that’s been serving you for a long time? Give it some credit by sharing with us—we’d love to hear about it (and see it, so send a pic, too, if that works for you)!

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