Keeper — Ona’s hand chopper

This rugged little hand chopper is older than my grown children. In fact, it’s been my go-to cooking tool for over 40 years.

It’s my pastry dough cutter, bean masher, tomato and nut chopper . . . —my food processor, basically. I also use it to cut perfectly round biscuits.

I can’t tell you what it cost, originally, because it was given to me by my dear friend Ona (who, once upon a time, taught me to garden and can and quilt and make do), but you can still find a similar hand chopper online for less than $10. She was right, this little chopper became indispensable!

Is there an item that’s been serving you for a long time? Give it some credit by sharing with us—we’d love to hear about it (and see it, so send a pic, too, if that works for you)!

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