Little Fixes — 54 Clever Ways to Extend the Life of Kids’ Clothes By Disney Powless

Sewing books pop up a lot on my radar (and this site). That’s in part because I like to sew (especially hand sew), but also because knowing how to mend and revitalize clothes is a great way to save money and an important part of living a sustainable lifestyle. This is particularly true when it comes to kids’ clothes — which they outgrow and outwear in a hurry! If you have kids and a creative bone in your body (which I believe we all do!), you’ll want a copy of Little Fixes by Disney Powless. 

The book opens sweetly with an introductory page about her models, ages 2 to 14. 

Book cover of Little Fixes by Disney Powless

Disney addresses clothes that are too small, too big, stained, and torn. Have a shirt that’s too short? She shows how to make it into a longer shirt with the addition of a color block. For pants, adding cute flannel cuffs does the trick, as does making them into shorts. Learn how to make a too-small dress into a button-back skirt or a tunic, and transform a coat into a vest. Cover stains with stencils or ruffles and rips with polka dot patches and appliqués. Learn to lengthen short sleeves or shorten long ones, narrow a too-wide tee shirt and broaden a too-narrow one. 

In a section called “If all else fails — Accessorize!” Disney transforms ruined clothing into accessories — such as headbands, belts, collars, scarves, leg warmers, bow ties, and hair clips. One of my favorite projects is a beanie made out of a too-small sweater. (These would make cute handmade gifts!)

If you’re new to sewing, you’ll also appreciate Disney’s simple directions for basic stitches and techniques, along with a list of supplies. 

This is an adorable, fun, very useful collection of ideas and inspiration! I checked it out of my local library, but I’m ordering a copy stat. (My kids are grown, but my six grandbabes are changing so fast I’m having trouble keeping up with their ages — currently 3 to 10 with another on the way! Plenty of kiddos and plenty of kids’ clothing to help salvage!)  Thank you Disney Powless!

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