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Do you love reading blogs? Are you always on the lookout for a new gem? If you enjoy CaretoKeep, here are half a dozen other blogs/websites you might want to check out! (I’ll be posting more blog recommendations in future posts. Be sure to let our community know about your faves!)

Going Zero Waste, by Kathryn Kellogg, focuses on making better choices. She offers tips for the health and wellness of both you and the planet. Posts include: Top ten favorite zero waste swaps, Favorite zero waste products, and—a favorite of mine—8 ways to store leftovers without plastic.

The Good Trade is a beautiful site covering home, travel, self, beauty, fashion, and culture. (In the home category you’ll find topics like Affordable and organic natural mattresses and Eco-friendly furniture sources.) Sign up for daily inspiration via AmyAnn’s newsletter. “May today’s inspirations leave you more informed and inspired about the good things that rise above the clutter.” 

Mindfulmomma offers mothers “simple solutions for natural living.” Micaela’s free checklist uncovers “top 10 places toxic chemicals hide.” Blog categories include natural living, healthy food, and non-toxic beauty. Recent posts include “Coolest reusable snack bags & sandwich wraps for a waste-free lunch.” 

At Old World New, Addie Fisher chats about sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Addie believes that everything can be done sustainably. Happily, she recognizes that we can’t all implement every action immediately. “Being sustainable takes innovation and it also sometimes takes getting back to the basics. Either way, and at any rate, it is truly my belief that we can accomplish nearly everything we do in a sustainable, or more conscious, manner.”

At Sustainable Daisy, Karen shows readers how to become more conscious, eco-friendly consumers. She covers everything from fashion and beauty to reusable cups and career advice for environmental professionals. An avid thrifter, Karen shows how sustainable fashion can be both fun and an important part of conscious consumption. 

Wirecutter is a New York Times company. It provides product reviews for electronics, home and garden, office, and travel items. They also offer reviews of money-related items, such as credit cards. Wirecutter alerts readers to deals. And they provide advice on topics such as how to pay down debt and get the most out of retirement savings.

Tell us about the blogs you enjoy!

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