The best watering cans and misters for houseplants

June 26, 2021

Oh, I hope summer’s arrival has been beautiful for you! It’s been so lovely here in Iowa! Though she was late to the planting party, Mother Nature took over the watering this week, and everything is flourishing! What are you working on outdoors (or in)?

While we cover a very wide variety of topics on C2K (everything from appliances to food and clothing), gardening and houseplants seem to be favorite topics for many of our readers. One question I’m often asked is what water to use for houseplants. So last week I devoted a post to the topic. It largely comes down to what your tap water is like! (I’ve decided to go with a combo of filtered water and regular fertilizing.)

rose gold houseplant watering can

With all the focus on watering this week, I decided to treat myself to a new watering can and a new plant mister. (I’ve been using an old plastic pitcher and plastic spray bottle for years.) I thought you might like to see some of the fun options I came across in my search, in case you’re in the market, too! 

(While shopping, I decided that cans and misters would make great holiday gifts this winter, so I’m suddenly on schedule for wrapping up my shopping by fall this year!) 

A few notes about watering cans and misters:

  • I like to have a couple of sizes of cans. A little one for little plants and for days when just a plant or two need a drink, and a larger one for Sundays (plant-watering/tending day!). 
    Ditto plant misters. I like a little one for orchids, terrariums, air plants, and little plants, and a larger one for my ficus tree and fiddle leaf (it would take all day to spray fiddle leaves with a little mister!).
  • Watering cans need to function well. That means I prefer a gooseneck spout that will reach between leaves and to pots in high places. Sprinkler-type spouts are good for outdoor watering, but not so great for indoors.
  • I love a pretty can but not at the expense of function. I like my cans and misters to look nice when they’re sitting out on the counter — and when I’m using them, of course! — but I don’t appreciate an outrageously large, however artistic, handle, for example. 

Here are some of the cans and misters that struck my fancy:

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Indoor watering cans

I love rose gold! This sweet rose gold metal watering can would be perfect for succulents or other little plants. It comes in two sizes and other colors, too. 

Here’s a small stainless steel can with a long spout. 

This can, with its elegant spout, comes in a variety of colors.

houseplant growing in a wicker pot next to a white watering can with a gold handle on a wood table

This is the same pretty can featured in the blog post photo this week! It’s from Ikea, and it comes in three colors.

This little glazed can reminds me of a teapot. (There’s a matching mister, below!)

Here’s a BPA-free resin pot that’s a half gallon — perfect for that weekly watering-all-the-plants day. 

Here’s another decent-sized can. This one is metal, with a wood handle.

And here’s a hand-painted metal can that’s too pretty to store away. 

It’s not from Etsy, but I like the shape and color of this one. It’s kinda no-nonsense but pretty, too.

Plant misters

Although I’ll have to wait for delivery from the UK, I just ordered this one. Because it’s pretty and pink and has good reviews. 

This handmade mister is glass with a waterproof bamboo sprayer.

This cute ceramic mister has a cheerful bee design and metal spout.

Here’s a ceramic mister to match the ceramic watering can above. They’d be cute sitting on a shelf or counter together. (And the pair would make a great gift!)

Choose rose gold, brass, or silver for this beautiful little mister

For larger plants, this “easily distracted by plants” mister is fun.

Also for larger plants, this bottle is made from sustainable materials like glass, bamboo, silicone, and recycled plastic. 

Oh, and I got distracted, but isn’t this a great print

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