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May 22, 2021

Happy Weekend! Mother Nature has been generously watering all the plantings we put in last week. In fact, Mother, we’re all at risk of root rot, so please shift to sunshine! 

What else has been happening here:

a plant-filled windowsill looking out onto an outdoor window box
  • I’m working on our first C2K product! It’s a booklet full of tips for thrift shopping — at thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales, wherever the hunt takes you! It’ll be available next month. As a subscriber, you’ll have a chance to download it for free, before it’s available for sale (because I appreciate you so much)!
  • Did any of you tackle (or schedule) a Fix-It-Free Day, like we talked about last week? How did it go? I’ve started a new list this week.
  • In related news, after much thought and a FB meme that prompted, “We keep a potato masher in a drawer because sometimes it’s fun not to be able to open that drawer,” I’ve decided to reorganize the kitchen cupboards this weekend. I’ll share any breakthroughs!
  • If you ever read my “about” page, you know that I’ve been trying to teach myself to play the piano. Breakthrough: (No, I haven’t advanced beyond my beginner’s book!) I’m taking virtual piano lessons from our 9-year-old grandson, which keeps me surprisingly on track when it comes to practicing! (Boy, he’s a stickler about those dynamics!)
  • I planted our window box. (It looks sparse at the moment, but I know where it’s headed!) The actual planting only took a few minutes, but I spent many lovely hours over this past winter looking for inspiration and dreaming about what I’d put in there! 

Window Box Inspiration

There are countless styles of window boxes: cascading and floral, upright and green, bursting with vegetables or grasses, casually wild or formally tidy. While I’m a seasoned gardener with a decent eye for floral design, I’ve found that my window boxes always come out better when I start with an inspiration picture rather than wing it entirely. I’ll often use an inspiration photo as a starting point and then sub out flowers with similar features that suit the sun exposure that my window box gets. 

Here are some terrific sources of window box inspiration:


  • Window boxes in every window? Yes please!
  • Window shelves make great seating for potted plants and add some extra versatility, too! (I did this on the side of a shed in our previous home. Just be sure to keep them well watered!) 
  • I love the exuberance of this gorgeous window box!
  • Check out my “Grow” board for more window box (and other plant-related) inspiration.
A wooden window box filled with flowers and cascading plants against a window with black shutters on a brick wall



  • This window box company has a terrific blog post on window box vegetable gardening.
  • If you’re deciding which trailing plants to choose for your window box, you’ll want to read this blog post at Blessmyweeds. (You’ll also find some beautiful window boxes featured!)

The world around us

Don’t forget to look for inspiration when you’re out walking or taking a bike ride or drive. I love exploring new neighborhoods on foot, discovering beautiful homes and yards. Finding a pretty window box always makes my heart sing! 

Do you have a window box? Have you planted it yet? Where do you find inspiration? I love looking at beautiful plants and gardens, even when I’m not designing my own, so please send pictures of your finds my way! Happy browsing, and happy planting!

Take good care,

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